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Disoufeng Baby Shower Package

Disoufeng Baby Shower Package

R4 950,00Price

Disoufeng Pub & Restaurant, located in Soweto, offers a delightful baby shower package for 15 people. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Braai Platter for 15 People: A mouthwatering assortment of grilled meats and sides, perfect for celebrating.
  • Boshendal Sparkling Wine: Pop the cork and enjoy the effervescent delight of this South African sparkling wine.
  • Valdo Ice Sparkling Wine: Another sparkling option to keep the celebration bubbly and refreshing.
  • Whitely Neil Gin: For those who appreciate a good gin, this one adds a botanical twist to the festivities.
  • Jagermeister: A bold choice for those who like a touch of herbal warmth.
  • 12 Mixers: To complement your drinks and create delightful concoctions.

All of this is available in the cozy ambiance of Disoufeng Pub & Restaurant, where good food, good music, and good people come together.

  • Deco Not Included

    You can bring your own deco such as balloons, ribbons, gifts, balloons etc.

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