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e'Socialink Gold Birthday Package For 20

e'Socialink Gold Birthday Package For 20

R5 300,00Price

Raise your glasses to a golden year ahead with our Gold Birthday Package, perfect for a gathering of 20. This package is brimming with everything you need for a stellar celebration:


  • 24 Beers/Ciders, a curated selection of the finest brews and ciders to please every palate.
  • A bottle of Hennessy VS, the celebrated cognac known for its rich and complex flavors.
  • A bottle of Jameson, the smooth Irish whiskey that’s a favorite among connoisseurs.
  • 2 liters of Tonic Water, the classic mixer that adds a refreshing zing.
  • Not one, but two Snack Platters, overflowing with tasty treats to complement your drinks.
  • A spread of delicious food to keep the party fueled and festive.
  • Chic decoration to create an ambiance that’s as memorable as the occasion itself.


Priced at just R5300, our Gold Birthday Package offers an unmatched combination of quality drinks, delectable food, and a vibrant atmosphere.

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